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tv   Headline News  RT  June 22, 2014 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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in the. day's top stories a review of the week's headlines ukrainian military and government fighters accuse each other and ignoring undeclared ceasefire as more civilian lives are lost in attacks. billions behind on payments ukraine has its gas cut off this week making europe banksias could turn back the clock and siphon from transit pipeline. jihad is seize three more iraqi cities and several border checkpoints as they continue a deadly offensive across the north and west of iraq. israel's troops raid media offices in the west bank including r t seizing hard drives and destroying equipment amid a crackdown aimed at palestinian authorities. seven
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am in moscow it's been a week of grief and trauma for civilians and used ukraine. need to let's love in school did well you. know you're going to do what you're going to . do we. please be aware that some of we're about to see is graphic video but the images we've blurred are key to explaining the situation the dead lying in the streets of kramatorsk body parts scattered about at least ten civilians killed many more wounded in tuesday shelling residential areas left devastated buildings destroyed their walls riddled with bullet holes and shattered glass. but didn't lists. he slipped out to be. he still untouched. a mortar hit this family's
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backyard killing a thirty year old mother a five year old son died a few hours later doctors fought to save him they found dozens of mints in his head . you. would not touch the meaning yet the flood do you. think you could get those who would be. put out to see these. and then you see it then you need. to win is the mission and i thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. thank you cannot. is the air raid siren over the city of lugansk people forced to spend nights in bomb shelters in basements the army continuing to shell suburbs while residents flee.
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this particular attack killed two russian journalists the video filmed by their camera man the only crew member who survived they were covering the evacuation of civilians from a particularly dangerous area. suppose you'd say goodness this self-defense activist raised his hands to show refugees a safe path at this moment the first multinational exploded and damaged his hand on journalists stayed further away at the checkpoint and i turned my head and saw that the second the shows went off exactly where they would see there was a road between it's between the journalists and me i could hear shows exploding all the time so they both had press written on their clothes but that didn't save them . thirty seven year old correspondent igor cornelia it was written laid to rest in moscow with military honors survived by a wife and seven year old daughter sound operator and will be buried next week after further tests on his body the under arrest in ukraine has taken a heavy toll on human life and industry has also been hit hard a freight train derailing in eastern ukraine. after the trucks were blown up
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fourteen wagons but none of the crew was injured not clear yet who is responsible for the attack an urgent repairs are in progress ukraine's president promised an investigation into the deaths of the russian journalist also in an attempt to ease the tension in the east president petro poroshenko announced a week long ceasefire and the laid out a peace plan including an amnesty for those who agreed to lay down their arms but haven't committed serious crimes creation of a ten kilometer wide buffer zone along the border with russia changes to the constitution to guarantee the use of the russian language and also suggests devolving power to eastern regions and early local and parliamentary elections one of the plans top points to guarantee safety for all negotiating sides or shango himself they were fusing told talks with leaders in the self-proclaimed republics russia saying that before any such plan can work fighting must stop but president putin saying that doesn't seem to be kiev's intention. there's a new unfortunately we're seeing by way of objective observation that suggests
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combat hasn't really stopped we saw the active use of artillery on the ukrainian side i can't say whether it was the army over the armed groups of some right wing forces but it is happening all military action must be stopped. latest reports say a large scale government artillery attack has begun in the city of shot in the league onscreen muser images of an army attack carried out saturday said to have taken place in the region in east ukraine less than a kilometer from the russian border the fighting driving many from their homes in east ukraine tens of thousands of civilians forced to leave the area most of them seeking shelter in russia a lot of refugees leaving families behind as parents try to get children to safety . to somebody. to put the ball up. but there was really do they still. have told us he likes to have to loosen up
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a little bit of sleep the bit that was just the one you showed us those but it. made them look good. while the crisis unfolds in the east of the country the capital isn't calm either at least fifty people gathered near the russian embassy in kiev sunday shouting anti moscow slogans throwing objects at police not the first time that's happened but a much milder protest than what we saw last week when pain stones and smoke bombs were thrown at the embassy walls and the flag was torn down they accused moscow of getting involved in the country's crisis. elsewhere in kiev a group of masked men clashed with police live suggests they belong to an ultra nationalist movement are also seen vandalizing a branch of a russian bath. coming up later this hour turning off the tap moscow cutting off got steve brain after the two parties can't agree on how much he had should pay for a penalty we'll bring you details shortly. but first fighters with
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the extremist islamic state of iraq in syria known as isis are sweeping through iraq and continuing to carve out an islamic caliphate for themselves sunday alone they seize three more cities and a number of border crossings isis has a reputation for brutality at one point even al qaeda distanced itself from the group one example are these pictures of captive rocky soldiers being herded together before being summarily shot or he's losing caffein of has more. armed to the teeth determined to conquer and on the march across iraq the islamic state in iraq and syria also known as isis is quickly emerging as one of the world's most powerful joe hardest groups the groups goal just what the name implies an islamic sunni caliphate stretching across the middle east isis already controlled large swaths of land in syria and iraq and barr province last week they moved on iraq's
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north. seemingly overnight isis captured the second largest city of mosul more than half a million residents were forced to flee. we were afraid of isis and its camp because they have no mercy they butcher people they kill they have no conscience that was just the start after mosul a lightning speed advance towards baghdad with cities and towns falling to isis along the way as iraqi soldiers fled their posts they left behind tanks humvees trucks and weapons paid for by the americans and now in the hands of isis the militants have their supporters to the shiite dominated government of prime minister nouri al maliki has alienated iraq's sunni population isis is also believed to receive financial support from sympathetic gulf monarchies and with
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iran backing the iraqi government there's fear the internal conflict could become a regional one all sides are bracing for the worst in the capital shiite militia men are responding to a call to arms from their religious leaders ready to defend their capital and their faith the iraqi army is also fighting back but this means airstrikes against sunni cities and that could make the already sick tarion conflict go from bad to worse sitting out the fight at least for now are the americans the with the hottest determined to press on the question is for how long. lucie county. iraq's sectarian divides run deep prime minister maliki's policies are believed to have exacerbated this sturrock a rift between the sunni north west and the shia south militants are well aware of iraq's government's soft spots laying siege to some of the country's biggest oil
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fields the government. pardon me on the verge of losing control of this industry which accounts for more than ninety percent of the national income if you have a car that could be your problem too was militants make new gains the uncertainty is sending oil prices skyrocketing since the jihadi has seized a major city of mosul brant crude gained almost five percent trading closed on friday at more than one hundred fourteen dollars a barrel close to a twelve month high some experts think prices could shoot up another twenty dollars per barrel over the next few months and energy specialist stuart elliott says a drop in iraq's oil exports will hit global markets hard iraq exports about two point five million barrels a day to the global market his production is about four percent of the global total so any disruption to the southern exposure would have a major major impact if we were to lose that oil from the market it would be the tightest market we've we've had for a long long time and even then it's not clear that saudi arabia would be able to
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replace the lost iraqi barrels we're going to see a lot of change on that we'll market we're going to see people having to stop using that cause it will really would be kind of end game scenario if iraq were to lose its oil and then we could even see another economic recession across the whole world originally al qaeda affiliate isis emerged in iraq soon after the u.s. led invasion isis fueled iraq's sectarian bloodshed in berkeley and an independent state spanning iraq syria lebanon palestine and jordan thriving during the ongoing civil war in neighboring syria getting access to money weapons and falling into the hands of the rebels there former pentagon analyst michael maloof says the fate of the region is at stake if terrorists gain a foothold in iraq. they can sweep through iraq they're going to go into jordan and you're going to have spinoffs. that would be created isis in iraq right now is just foreign fighters and what have you a lot of what are some old saddam hussein. groups certainly people who work for him
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who are all sudanese and and who joined on to isis there a lot of. a lot of elements a lot of islamic groups that are joining i says inside iraq of course. the prime minister who is shia is resisting any efforts to change his government to try to. make the bring in this bring in more sunni's into the into the government and make it more representative but it may be too little too late already more of the week's news to come including spain's cautious coronation as philippe the six those crowned protests across the country there already has left people mulling whether the monarchy is worth keeping stay with us. his name was joseph good because he was nazi germany's minister of propaganda the
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midst that he created exists to this day. it was google's propaganda it was both actually trying to denigrate other nations while at the same time raising ordinary german self-esteem split with. its use of goebbels knew precisely what the masses needed to hear in order to make them follow him he was like the pied piper from the fairy tale to me drats fall to the tune of his plight. the myths created by the chief nazi ideologist bound for town saw in the west we have to fight these myths today in memory of those who won in the second. israeli defense forces raided artie's office in the west bank destroying equipment
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and confiscating records as part of a series of similar i.d.f. raids on media centers amid a military campaign against palestinian authorities who israel accuses of kidnapping three israeli students artie's policy or has more. offices that are situated in the building of the service provider of palm media in the west bank city of ramallah have been raided in that raid on t.v. studio was damaged our internet signal was lost the archives of both video and material have disappeared and at the same time all fiction has been destroyed the doors have been ruined computers and disks have been confiscated all of this has resulted in a conversation between us and the idea if we we are asked them what was all of this about now they responded initially by saying nothing the raid was against the al aqsa channel now we've been pointed out that that was actually housed in another building to which the idea for spawn did well in that case the raid was against out could steve eat our follow up question then was so why have you confiscated r t
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arab equipment which the i.d.f. responded that they had to since the operation targeted the whole complex now these confiscations form part of what is being called operation brothers keeper it is an operation that is intended to rescue three israeli teenagers who would kidnapped some ten days ago by him us the dip he hid of r.t. arabic has said that the i.d.f. may have x. without any kind of documentation that proves that whoever it is raiding is in fact affiliated with terrorists but when he asked when there was proof that r.t. in fact was affiliated with any party that proof was very short in coming i can tell him no where is the intelligence that you've got to prove that r.t. was somehow or anyhow related to any political movement the i.d.f. has said that if after the examination of the discs and equipment that it has confiscated it is clear that there is no terror related content in the equipment
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will be returned to r.t. arabic israeli troops have shot dead two palestinians bringing the number of deaths to force and start of a cracked out on hamas but we go also saw three hundred palestinian suspects arrested in connection with the students abduction gideon levy a reporter for israeli newspaper ha'aretz thinks the idea of separation has gone beyond the stated aim of the finding the missing teenagers. i seeing that disappear ation went out of propose a long time ago and you're off is there a go in your office is just an example of a very very wide scale operation which has nothing to do with the fate of this three kidnapped youngsters as israel takes advantage in seraing in the strike again not the first time to smash the hamas and any see which smells come out looks like hamas always connected directly or indirectly was come us is becoming
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a victim brute searching and confiscating it's even your own feces one of those victims after refusing to pay energy bills for six months he has natural gas was turned off this week let's take a look at how things got to this point ukraine currently owes russia more than four billion dollars after stopping payments in november what russia wanted when it said its final deadline was at least half of that money ukraine's problems seem to be the price russia wanted to set kiev happy neither with the current price nor the one offered by moscow in fact it insists on a price it calls a market one which would also be one of europe's lowest key have looking to pay only half of what some european nations pay even the e.u. called russia's offer of three hundred eighty five dollars per thousand cubic meters reasonable not so for ukraine which has refused to budge on the amount we sought opinion from several analysts. not a new. member could stand on their hands and say that one little stole the collars come home and it wouldn't change the situation and i think the negotiating tactics
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the ukrainian government here are simply designed to make someone crazy in moscow you appear to compromise you be reasonable and then suddenly everything collapses this isn't going to help ordinary ukrainian people it's creating enormous economic instability in and. deal with has to step tools normalization of relations with russia which of course is ukraine is by far the largest trading partner is really a deal was in the new ukrainian a people's interest and i don't really understand why hasn't gone through what happens now is you know that russia makes the choice and it's not the choice between the you know more losing more money or being the bad guys switch off the gas go to a prepaid system in somebody is respected much more than in this starting to do that an automobile as of this week the only gas russia setting through ukraine is pipes is that which has been bought by europe but given past experience the e.u.
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still may have reason to worry in two thousand and six moscow cut gas supply to europe and made claims ukraine was siphoning huge amounts from pipes through the country taps later turned back on there was another so-called gas war three years later when ukrainian supplies were reduced making and it began taking more gas in slovakia it declared a state of emergency while the bug area a number of factories had to be closed public service is also badly affected russia promises to keep the e.u. gas flowing despite despite differences with ukraine he has ability to guarantee transit though is in doubt a day after its gas was cut off an explosion had a segment of pipeline to europe this video showing the incident ukraine's interior ministry says the explosion was the likely result of a terror attack fortunately the blast happened away for many people for now all the fuel transit has been switched to or reserve pipe in europe is getting all its gas . political scientist metate he thinks the very least the explosion is a blow to the country's reputation if you look at the country it's not no more
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a state it's rather a kind of failed state does the control its territory just on able to guarantee not only the lives of its own the citizens about also all the economic safety. that pipelines and that physical same skills. business going on there so this is one of the very many examples. our website has a special section dedicated to the ukraine crisis with months worth of archives if you want to catch up on it or hear expert analysis click on our. brains nuking crowned on thursday philippe the six taking over from his father juan carlos who abdicated the throne but not all spaniards are celebrating there were anti-monarchy protests even in the center of madrid where security was stepped up for the loci event three police officers wounded during clashes seven activists arrested but quickly released thousands of people also marching in barcelona waving banners
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against the monarchy and calling for greater autonomy here's what some experts had to say about the changes the new king might bring one carlos was very charismatic and funny he was close to the people however if you leave is more of a function to read and this might be a problem for the more keys there are too many expectations that he's going to arrange a number of. prizes economic problems and his not according to his earlier king but without a political role we do not expect. phillipa oil actually of any of the boy's family we need to understand that that we as we talk that scots out there funk god knows he's a king that has constantly denying that the spanish has been imposing catalonia only one and that what majority that's not only out to vote in the ninth of november about didn't happen that's off that's not only a euro for an enemy for others this week marks two years of voluntary limbo for
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weeks and weeks chief julian assange the ecuadorian embassy in london but he shows no sign of giving up again to news is fight for press freedom. i legacy of being the president conducted and all because you are but again. journalist of the fall for the previous president somebody that's what he said during a conference call on his confinement anniversary calling on the u.s. attorney general to drop the ongoing investigation against wiki leaks though despite the worldwide hunt for whistleblowers assad still has an army of supporters he can count on his lawyer jennifer robinson says the wiki leaks founder will stay in the embassy as long as there is a threat of extradition. unless there is significant political will exercised by the united kingdom sweden the united states as we said we are seeking insurance and the closure of the criminal investigation to economics in the united states the before he feels comfortable to be able to travel to sweden to answer those allegations in the meantime of course he has continued to offer though he's
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testimony immolation to sweden would very much like to see that investigation greste their responsibility that if they went into the mini embassy they could be prosecuted could decide to jump the case given the strength of this evidence and we would like to see them at least investigate and progressed as an option otherwise of course he's more than willing to answer the questions and we'd like to see insurance that he won't be sent on once the united states that assurance is not being provided so unless and until that comes he will remains on the n.c. u.s. army getting ready to leave afghanistan and most of its soldiers in gear will be out of the country by the end of the year but his art his marina portnoy reports the government has plans for the paraphernalia that will be shipped back to home soil. well as america can use winding down its longest streak of war soldiers are returning home and so is their military arsenal a used armored vehicle that will be used during swat calls and other emergency situations nine foot tall mine resistant trucks specifically designed to survive roadside bomb attacks are parked all throughout the u.s.
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local and state police departments have acquired more than four hundred m. wraps and silencers and tens of thousands of m. sixteen machine guns and night vision equipment the new paradigm is it's the military paradigm militarized police and the problem with that is when they look at american citizens often they see only combatants this is all made possible through america's military transfer program created in the ninety's when violence and drug gangs plagued major cities today crime in the u.s. has fallen to its lowest in a generation and the special response team in richland county south carolina looks like this ready to take on the taliban should it invade the south iraq war veteran emily yates says her country's law enforcement is being trained to fight against the public instead of serving to protect it they should be trained to deescalate any violence or aggression that's happening but instead the police are showing up and causing violence and aggression people are just afraid all the time and for no
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reason our country has never been invaded we have no foreign armies at our doorstep however a sheriff in indiana claims his county needs m. wraps to protect against possible attacks by veterans returning from home i see a lot of paranoia about that because i don't like it usually excuse the armed police like their enemy you know like the people of afghanistan that we've got a problem but using that as a way to militarize the police for whatever they think might be coming in the future a future where america's local police forces will be prepared for war but who. will they be warring against marina r.t. . taking a look at some other stories making global headlines at albanians clashed with security forces in kosovo kosovo leaving six police and ten civilians wounded islands broke out in the city of new tributes so with several hundred albanians hurling rocks and burning cars they were angry a serb plans to build
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a so-called peace park in the city five people arrested after police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse demonstrators. israel said it carried out airstrikes against nine targets in syria including a military headquarters this didn't respond to a mortar attack on the golan heights by the syrian government that killed a thirteen year old israeli boy died when a car carrying civilian contractors working for israel's defense ministry was hit at least three others including the boy's father were also injured. crosstalk coming your way next stay with us on r.t. internet. welcome to the. show thirty four could just spend over eighteen billion euros of all she says of each one hundred three degrees with some token much still to sell
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from st petersburg to france we chumbley city the song. knowledge we've got the future of coverage. claim. by marinating join me on thirteen that impartial and financial reporting commentary can for news and much much. only on the bus and only. place. cool. to me speak your language to look for programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on all t.v. reporting from the world talks about six of the yard p. interviews intriguing story for you to. live in troy
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a stage eight will be dealt with but the jungle was still. stands. hello and welcome to all things are considered. the scramble to save iraq as the baghdad government loses control over much of the country washington is calling for changes in the regime all the while the region's borders are set to be redrawn. joined by my guest michael o'brien in washington.


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